THE vision


Flavourfully Imagined

At &27 our menu reflects our personality – it’s a mishmash of familiar and faraway flavours made with traditional and trendsetting ingredients. You might say we’re a bit of a paradox. We say we’re Crafted to be Different. When you walk through our doors, you can expect familiar fare, reimagined and served in a completely different way. At first glance, the beauty and simplicity of your dish might elicit an “oh!” of pleasant surprise. You’ll want to bury your nose in it – go ahead, we won’t judge you. Is that fresh wet earth you detect? Ripe orchard fruit? And something else you can’t quite put your finger on. Your senses are on a journey and you haven’t even taken your first bite.

Locally Immersed

&27 is passionately local. To us, that means more than sourcing many of our ingredients from local producers. It means we’re deeply committed to our region and its people. Our coffee mugs were hand crafted by Bon Accord potter, Heather Edwards. Our walls are adorned with paintings and prints by local artists. We’re from Edmonton and for Edmonton.

Fan Zhang Executive Chef

Hailing from the big city of Toronto, Fan hopes to bring his love and passion for food to Edmonton. With new idea’s and ways to think about dining, his wish is to bring Ampersand 27 to the front of the pack once again. All you have to do is google his name to see the accolades from his previous work back home. From The Drake hotel and other hip spots within Toronto he made a good name for himself! He is looking forward to working with Chef’s and providers within the Edmonton region.

Brooke Babyak Executive Sous-Chef

Brooke joined Ampersand | 27 in the fall of 2015 as our Executive Sous Chef.  Brooke has worked at some of Edmontons best restaurants including Hardware Grill & Tavern 1903 as well as the Westin Edmonton.  Brookes love of trending culinary styles matches her drive to run a streamlined kitchen.  Always evolving and trying new things, Brooke is responsible for not only day to day preparations but also in development of new dishes that make there way onto Ampersand | 27’s ever changing menu.  We are delighted that Brooke has joined our Culinary Brigade.

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